120cbm concrete batching plant

  A 120cbm concrete batching plant refers to a concrete plant of 120 cubic meters per hour. Here Haomei introduces its configuration, features, price and purchasing traps.

  Configuration of a 120cbm concrete batching plant

  The cement silo is used for bulk cement storage, and the bulk cement silo is a closed tank for storing materials. With the development of social construction, the use of cement silos in the construction domain is becoming more and more widespread.

  The conveying system of HZS120 concrete mixing station includes the transportation of aggregate and the transportation of powder: the conveyor of aggregate is often carried by belt conveyor. The transportation of cement and admixture is usually carried out by screw conveyor and pneumatic conveying; , or the delivery of powder, to minimize the generation of dust; the conveying speed and efficiency of the conveyor system must match the cycle time of the system.

  The control system is the center of the mixing station. The whole machine is controlled by computer. It can be controlled automatically or manually. It is easy to operate and easy to master. Dynamic panel display, can clearly understand the operation of each component, and can store and print the report data.

120cbm concrete batching plant

  The main components of the metering system of HZS120 concrete batching plant are sensor and pneumatic butterfly valve. Fangtai Construction Machine adopts high-precision imported sensor, accurate weighing and quick response; pneumatic butterfly valve is tightly sealed, reliable in action, simple in structure, small in size, light in weight and cost-effective. high.

  The pneumatic system is the execution device of the HZS120 concrete mixing station. Its function is to switch the aggregate silos, the mixer discharge door and the cement scale discharge door in time according to the instructions issued by the industrial microcomputer, and break the cement in the cement silo. The additive is blown and stirred to ensure accurate measurement of various aggregates, cements and additives, and the loading task of the finished material is completed.

  Features of a 120cbm concrete batching plant

  ※ 120 mixing station is beautiful in design, quick to install and disassemble, and easy to transport. There are a variety of deployment forms to suit the requirements of different venues.

  ※ The mixing machine adopts JS2000 double-shaft forced concrete mixer, which has good mixing quality and high productivity. It can complete good mixing in dry time, semi-dry hardness, plasticity and various proportions of concrete.

  ※ All powder materials, from feeding, batching, metering, feeding to mixing and discharging, are carried out in a closed state. The high-quality dust collector is used in the main building, the packaging of the main building and the belt conveyor is closed, and the dust is reduced on the ground. And noise pollution to the environment, environmental performance is good.

  ※ The whole concrete batching plant adopts dual computer control system. When the two machines are switched, the system can automatically control the production without any influence. Dynamic panel display, can clearly understand the operation of each part. Intuitive monitoring interface for clear and accurate observation of on-site workflow. Report printing management is available.

  ※ 120 mixing station electronic control system components use imported components, the overall performance is stable, powerful. Abnormal working conditions and automatic fault detection, using text, sound, light, alarm prompts, easy troubleshooting and troubleshooting.


  1. How much is a set of 120m3 concrete batching plant?

  The price is between 100 and 120 thousand RMB in accordance with configuration of its control system and electronic components.

  2. Is an hzs120 plant able to produce high grade concrete?

  Yes, all regular types of concrete, but its yield will vary from type to type of concrete.

  3. How much is the motor power of the concrete mixer of a 120 plant?

  The plant is equipped with a JS2000 concrete mixer driven by two sets of motors of 45KW.

  4. Is there any mobile plants of 120m3 per hour?

  No, not in China. Please do not believe in them any more once a China supplier tells you that they can supply such a mobile plant.

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