How to build high quality concrete batch plant

The process of establishing a high quality concrete batch plant is very important because the rationality of the construction is affecting the efficiency and cost of the concrete batch plant and is related to whether the safe production can proceed smoothly.

1, select the appropriate concrete batching plant accessories. Accessories including: mixing host, batching machine, water weighing bucket, additives weighing bucket, powder weighing bucket, screw conveyor, powder silo and other accessories.

2, select the matching control room. At present the commonly used automation control system. The use of automated control system, greatly reducing the human consumption, easy to use, simple and quickly.

3, the choice of site area. Different sites require different concrete mixing station configuration design, which also determines the equipment purchase price and the latter part of the operating costs.

4. The choice of manufacturers, stable and reliable batching plant manufacturer is users production and rights and interests guarantee conditions.

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