Buy concrete batching plant

  It is not difficult to buy concrete batching plant, what’s really difficult is to buy a cost-efficient plant. So many pitfalls are there that you will never be more careful in purchasing. Here we give suggestions in model, mixer, configuration, manufacturer and after-sales service.

  Model Selection

  There are multiple models of concrete mixing plants in China, which is named mostly by productivity of a plant, including 180, 120, 90, 75, 60, 50, 35 etc. 180m3 and 120m3 concrete mixing plants can be used to create large-scale concrete mixing plants, the production capacity of which are respectively 180 cubic meters and 120 cubic meters per hour. That means about 1200 or 1800 cubic meters during 10 hours of production per day, which basically meets the concrete construction needs of a county urban area.

  Therefore, you should first investigate the market demand and determine the plant model. The investigation should include the production capacity or sales needs, which determines the daily production volume of the equipment, and then the plant model.

  Mixer Selection

  The heart of a concrete batching plant is the mixing host. As a mixing device for precise mixing of concrete, the quality of the host is uneven, because the production standards of various manufacturers are very different, so you need to choose based on your own experience and the market reputation of the manufacturers. The more famous manufacturers in China include Sany, Zoomlion, Haomei, etc. The mainframes of these manufacturers have high production standards and long service life.

  Configuration Selection

  The configuration is a comprehensive performance of the overall quality and overall quality of a concrete mixing plant. Different equipment configuration, the combined mixing plant price is different, and its quality is also different, because the mixing plant is composed of thousands of equipment components, and its equipment configuration and function And the service life directly affects the price and quality of the entire mixing plant. Therefore, to buy concrete batching plant of top quality, you must carefully select the configuration and check the configuration list before purchasing.

  Manufacturer Selection

  You can require a concrete batching plant manufacturer to introduce its workshop site, which is a good way to test the quality of the manufacturer’s equipment. At the same time, you can also choose a certain number of manufacturers to inspect, which will not only increase our understanding of concrete mixing plant equipment, but also make judgments through comparison, so that there is a bottom line for bargaining.

  After-sale Service

  If you are a green hand, you should pay special attention to the after-sale service ability of your supplier. New users have insufficient production experience, and only training cannot solve various problems encountered in actual production. This requires strong after-sales service to support. This point cannot be just listened to what the Chinese manufacturers say, but should be written into the purchase contract.

  If you plan to buy a concrete batching plant, the advice above is hopefully helpful.

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