Cement concrete batching plant equipment maintenance

  Concrete batching plant equipment maintenance entails daily and regular work focusing on varied parts. Special attention should also be paid to units which are likely to be left out.

  Daily and regular cement batching plant equipment maintenance

  1. Keep the plant area orderly, and keep the plant itself clean.

  2. Make sure that the connection between all parts of the concrete mixer is tight and safe before starting the mixer;

  3. Remove the accumulated waste in the hopper everyday, or else the sensor might be influenced in normal operation;

  4. Check regularly whether the lubricating oil at each lubricating point is sufficient, and maintain sufficient oil quantity for the oil mist device in the air system;

  5. The water supply device shall be kept clean, especially the water suction valve. Always be alert of overheated electrical appliance, abnormal noise and unusual instrument indication. The air cylinder, butterfly valve and solenoid valve shall be checked and adjusted regularly to avoid problems above.

concrete batching plant equipment maintenance

  6. Pay attention and deal with ash leakage, air leakage, oil leakage and leakage in time to avoid unnecessary production accidents;

  7. The mixer and discharge hopper shall be cleaned in time after each use, the water inside the air compressor, air storage tank and filter shall be discharged, and the faults in operation shall be eliminated.

  8. Butterfly valve, mixer, electromagnetic air valve, air filter and oil mist device shall be maintained in accordance with relevant instructions.

  Routine and trivial as it is, the daily maintenance work is crucial to a concrete plant. It reduces failure rate, improves efficiency and extends service life of the whole plant. In addition to regular concrete batching plant maintenance, you need to pay special attention to accidents below.

  1. There is air leakage in the air system. Sometimes, there is air leakage due to the poor sealing at the air pipe joint. The idea that small air exposure will not affect the normal work of the plant is misleading. Long-term air leakage will aggravate the start and stop times of the air compressor, and increase the energy consumption. Therefore, it should be treated immediately.

  2. The model of lubricating grease should be selected correctly. Generally, 1 good lithium base grease shall be used below 10 degrees, and 2 lithium base grease shall be used above 10 degrees. This is to ensure the lubrication and wear resistance of lithium base grease. Other models of lithium base grease may not function well.

  3. How to avoid shaft holding of the concrete mixer? Clean the concrete on the shaft immediately after each mixing, for shaft hold occurs after accumulation of small amount of concrete remains, which will bring additional power consumption and even tank blockage.

  4. Be careful when the plant is working in winter. Remove water from units where water can be generated, especially the gas pipeline, which is easily blocked due to water freezing.

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