Classification and structure composition of small concrete batching plant

According to the different working principle of concrete mixer, the small concrete batching plant can be divided into two types: forced type and drop type.

The small concrete batching plant diagram shows the structure of the concrete mixing station with shovel feeding. It is mainly composed of concrete mixer, orthopaedic and cement weighing equipment, water supply and weighing equipment, aggregate yard, cement silo, transportation machinery, control system and so on.

Concrete mixer is the main engine of the concrete batching plants, which determines the production capacity of construction cement batching plant.

Orthopaedics is piled up at the back of the small concrete batching plant, and the partitions are smelled as separate silos for storing sand and stones. The material of semi-circular stockyard is piled up by pulling shovel, and the material is transported to three discharging areas – the dead part. When the three gates of the control area are opened sequentially, the material flowing into the lifting hopper is weighed by the scale one by one.

Orthopaedic weighing: It consists of weighing bucket, weighing plate, first-level lever, second-level lever and spring dial.

Spring dial is the key part of the scale. Its accuracy is up to the standard and it can meet the weighing requirement.

Aggregate lifting device: After the lifting hopper completes orthopaedic weighing, because the end of the second lever of the aggregate scale is connected with an oil buffer, it can partially mitigate the impact of stalk when weighing.

Cement silo and cement weighing: two cement silos are installed on both sides of the wet mix concrete batching plant. The bottom of the cement silo is equipped with gates and feeders, which are connected with the screw conveyor. The screw conveyor conveys cement to the cement bucket for weighing. The working principle of cement scale is the same as that of aggregate scale. There is only a moving needle and a certain needle on the dial. When the two needles coincide, the screw conveyor stops running and completes the cement weighing. The metering water meter mixing water is pumped by the water pump and sent to the concrete mixer by the metering water meter and pipeline. The water is weighed by a metering water meter. When the required water quantity is reached, the water pump stops supplying water.

Control system: The operation of the batch plant machine is controlled by electrical system. When weighing, the opening and closing of hopper gate or feeder, the opening and closing of hopper unloading gate after weighing, hopper lifting, mixing time of mixer, opening and closing of mixer unloading gate, etc. It can run automatically according to the prescribed procedure. The feeding system of the shovel has an independent control system. On the connection of process, the time of one discharging cycle of mixer should be as short as possible to improve productivity.

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