What is a complete concrete batching plant

A complete concrete batching plant including: concrete mixing machine,mixing station control system, control room, cement bin, screw conveyor, weighing system, belt conveyor, the main station structure and other components, can achieve automatic production of concrete.

The main engine in the concrete batch plant is like the heart of the concrete mixing station, so the control system in the concrete mixing station is equivalent to the role of the brain, because the control system dominates the work of the whole concrete mixing station. Concrete mixer is very important in concrete mixing station, and the same control system is also very important in concrete mixing station.

In many cases, users pay more attention to the main part of the concrete batching plant, in fact, the control system also has to be paid attention to, especially the important control system of the concrete mixing plant, advanced control system, the use of the world’s small batching control instrument, batching accurate and stable, advanced calculation methods. Effective control error; with fault diagnosis system, can guide and help users troubleshooting; formula storage and call flexible, can call any formula at any time. But because of this, once the control system is abnormal, it will directly affect the normal operation of the whole concrete mixing station.

At present, ready-mixed concrete batching plant mainly include commercial concrete mixing plant, engineering concrete batching plant, mobile concrete batching plant, simple concrete batching plant and so on.

Commercial concrete mixing plant is suitable for large-scale commercial concrete production enterprises. Engineering concrete batching plant is suitable for highways, airstrips, railways, high-speed rail and various projects. Simple concrete batching plant is suitable for small and medium-sized projects and rural markets. Mobile concrete batching plant is suitable for short construction period, small amount of work and relatively small engineering lines. In a long project. Commercial concrete mixing plants are often used in urban development and transformation, engineering concrete mixing stations and simple concrete mixing plants are mostly used in new rural construction, and mobile mixing stations are mostly used for export.

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