Why the concrete batch plant will stop turning

The concrete batch plant will suddenly stop turning in the work. This will affect the work efficiency and damage the batching plant machine. How can we avoid this happening? Under such circumstances, how can the batch plant resume normal operation as soon as possible? Professional batching plant manufacturers are working with you to solve this phenomenon.

If the concrete mixer is overloaded and cause the stirring shaft to stop, it is necessary to adjust the feed quantity, discharge excess materials, and reduce the rotation load of the mixing shaft.

When the side blade and the inner wall are stuck, there is often a sharp and piercing friction sound before the stirring shaft is stopped. When this situation occurs, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately, remove the foreign objects manually, and adjust the clearance between the mixing blade of the concrete mixer or the side blade of the concrete mixer and the inner wall of the tank.

When the driving belt of the concrete mixer machine is too loose, the tension of the motor belt of the concrete mixer must be adjusted after stopping.

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