Concrete batch plant with high quality belt conveyor

Belt conveyor is an important conveying equipment for aggregate in concrete batch plant. The belt length accounts for 3/4 of the equipment length of the whole concrete batching plant. Its advantages and disadvantages have an important impact on the productivity of the batch plant.

1. Both sides of belt conveyor in concrete batching plants are accompanied by overhaul platform and rainproof cover, which is convenient for users to maintain and repair at any time.

2. Belt conveyor is equipped with tensioning device and scale record, which can be adjusted according to the scale value according to the belt tightening condition, so as to reduce the difficulty of adjustment.

3. Closed belt conveyor can effectively prevent dust and material falling.

4. Belt conveyor has automatic alarm device for deviation; trough-shaped forward roll, automatic alignment, to prevent deviation. The belt used is high quality steel wire core pulling and canvas belt, and its normal service life can reach 8-10 years.

5. The belt conveyor adopts rollers and universal shafts to adjust the belt deviation. In addition, an anti-deviation device is installed to realize automatic adjustment and manual adjustment.

Therefore, the belt conveyor of concrete batch plant must choose high quality, which is convenient and safe, and can ensure the normal operation of mixing station and output requirements.

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