concrete batching plant calibration process

  The concrete batching plant calibration is to calibrate the electronic measuring system of the mixer. It refers to finding the local measurement and testing center and calibrating the mixer weighing system. Test equipment including the simple laboratory of the concrete batching plant, the weighbridge is also included. After calibration, the weighing is accurate to ensure the quality of concrete construction. The calibration work of the mixing station facilitates a more accurate control of the mix ratio and is implemented in the operation, avoiding the variation of the ratio due to the inaccuracy of the metering. Reduced risk increases engineering management efficiency. In detail, concrete batching plant calibration should be carried out as below.

concrete batching plant calibration,

  1, the calibration method of the powder scale:

  First, turn the “automatic/manual” switch on the speed controller to the manual position, and turn the speed potentiometer to the minimum. Start the powder spiral electronic scale to make the powder inside clean, then measure the zero according to the zero method. . Press the F3 key to move the cursor to the front of the K value of the seventh road, press the F5 key, adjust the speed of the feeder speed control to give the potentiometer knob to cut, and at the discharge of the powder spiral electronic scale, After receiving the material, press Enter, then send the actual weight of the material to the K value, press Enter to confirm, this is the K value automatically generate a new K value, calibrated 2-3 times in the same way, until The accumulated weight is equal to the actual weight and the calibration is completed.

  2. Calibration method for aggregate belt scale:

  Set the “Auto/Manual” switch on the speed controller to the manual position, adjust the speed given potentiometer to the minimum, turn on the power supply of the main unit and the speed controller for 15 minutes, start the belt scale, and adjust the speed controller. The upper speed given potentiometer enables the belt to run (rotation speed 400-500 rpm) to test the zero point as required. Press the F3 key to move the cursor to the front of the K value to be calibrated, and then press the F5 key, and put a number of sandbags on the running belt with a weight of known weight (cumulative weight is greater than 100KG). After the code or sandbag is finished from the belt, press Enter. At this time, the accumulated value of the weight or sandbag is displayed at the flow, then the weight of the weight or sandbag is sent to the K value, press Enter, the road The K value is calculated by the microcomputer to calculate the new K value, and is calibrated 2-3 times by the same method until the accumulated flow rate is equal to the actual flow rate, and the other road marking methods are the same as above.

  The above is the process for concrete batching plant calibration, and hope it’s helpful.

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