Concrete batching plant environmental issues

  Concrete batching plant environmental issues are becoming severer in the concrete supply industry under the pressure of global pollution. The sources of pollution in a concrete batching plant include water for mixing and cleaning, powder materials and noise in operation of the plant. Although measures are taken to solve the problems mentioned above, the effect is still left in doubt. Some plants are equipped with dust reducer in powder silos, others with a recyclable water cleaning system, and a few built indoors to solve dust pollution from aggregates and powder transfers. All these, however, only solve part of the problems. Noise pollution is till irritating surrounding neighbourhood. What’s more, the number ratio of plants with pollution reducing devices are small in existing concrete batching plants.

concrete batching plant environmental issues

  Why do plant buyers refuse anti-pollution devices, then? The root lies in money. Either dust removers or water recycling systems increase extra cost, and no users of concrete batching plants would like to buy them unless they are extraordinarily selfless (considering others and environment first), or they are forced by laws (related to penalties). Since it’s not practical to press plant owners to purchase these devices, a complete solution to concrete batching plant environmental issues relies on continuous technological development in plant design. The trend in the future for concrete plants should include key words like more environmental and more energy-saving, and manufacturers who cater for such a trend will take the lead in the industry.

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