The configuration list of small concrete batching plant

Small concrete batching plant becomes a popular choice for customers. This is because the construction cement batching plant is a high investment, high return, low risk investment projects. At the same time, we also need to clear that high investment not only refers to the equipment itself, land, labor, raw materials, pre loaning is the main cause of high investment cost reason. In order to better reduce investment and use costs, customers prefer small concrete batching plant.

The specific batching plant configuration can also be combined with our customer’s geographical location, configuration requirements, change, specific configuration of our manufacturers will be combined with the actual situation of customers to plan an optimal configuration scheme.

The main configuration list of small concrete batching plant is as follows:

First, aggregate supply system: concrete batching machine, aggregate bin, door opening device, aggregate transportation system, aggregate lifting system, aggregate storage system;

Two, cement supply system: generally including cement silo, cement screw conveyor;

Three, admixture feeding system: screw conveyor, admixture weighing bucket;

Four. Water supply system: water weighing box, water pump, booster pump, water sprayer;

Five. Additive supply system: additive weighing box, water supply pump and booster pump;

Six, mixing system: motor, reducer, forced mixer;

Seven, control system: air conditioning control room, microcomputer control, instrument and meter, switchboard, operating table;

Eight. Metering system: Aggregate Measurement, cement measurement, water measurement and additive measurement

Concrete batching plant sale configuration is different, the price is also different, our customers can contact us directly ( for concrete batch plant quotation, we will provide you with the latest and most complete small concrete batching plant quotation.

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