The correct adding admixtures way to HZS60 concrete batching plant

To correct adding admixtures for concrete batching plant is the guarantee to produce high quality concrete.

The addition of appropriate concrete additives to the concrete of the HZS60 concrete batching plant can greatly improve the fluidity of our concrete, thereby reducing the amount of cementitious material used in our concrete. Our concrete mixing plant commonly used external additives are: expansion agent, air entraining agent, antifreeze three kinds, and their three ways of adding is also different.

When adding expansive agent HZS60 concrete mixing plant, the first to make our concrete cement contents shall not be less than 0.3 T, water cement ratio shall not be greater than 0.6:1;When need to add the air-entraining agent HZS60 concrete batching plant, this time should be the right amount of reducing the amount of cement material.Concrete decrease ratio is about: water-cement ratio decreased 6%, concrete sand rate less 2%, so that to improve the durability of concrete products, resistance to permeability;When you need to add antifreeze concrete mixing station, need to use the ratio of Portland cement, cement mark for minimum standards at 42.5 and the minimum cement dosage is 0.3 T/m3, the maximum water cement ratio of 0.6:1.

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