How to deal with bad weather in concrete mixing plant

In the face of bad weather, we should pay attention to the following points when using concrete mixing station.

1. concrete mixing station construction site should have flood control, drainage system and measures, and roads should be kept unimpeded.

2. Foundation pits and grooves should have systematic drainage ditches, and the stability of soil walls of concrete mixing plant should be checked regularly to avoid earthwork collapse.

3. After the formwork is coated with isolating agent, it should be covered to prevent being washed away by rainwater. If it is found that the isolating agent of batch plant is washed away by rainwater, it should be re-coated and then poured into concrete.

4. The water content of sand and gravel in concrete equipment should be measured regularly and deducted from the water content of mix proportion.

5. concrete batching plants should be covered when transporting raw materials and concrete on rainy days.

6. ready mix concrete plant should pour water into the mold before pouring concrete.

7. if the concrete structure and components of the concrete mixing plant require continuous construction, the rain shelter should be installed. Otherwise, adequate covering materials (such as tarpaulins, linoleum, etc.) should be prepared so as to cover up in time and prevent rainwater from scouring. If the surface of the component is washed by rain, it should be re pressed.

8. Electrical machinery and wires in concrete batching plants should be checked regularly by electricians; when leakage is found in batch plant machine, the work should be stopped immediately for repair.

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