Design details in building a concrete batching plant

  Design details in building a concrete batching plant:

  1. The design site of the batching plant should be large enough. The floor area of the mixing station is related to the feeding method. There are hopper belts, herringbone belts, and flat belts. In general, flat belts occupies a large area for feeding, and hoppers occupies a small area. You can choose according to your own situation. Reasonable collocation, you can directly consult us if you don’t understand. For example, to build a two-line commercial-mixing station, the equipment itself occupies an area of about 1,800 square meters, which requires at least 50 acres of land, which is about 30,000 square meters. A dry mix concrete batching plant roughly takes up the same area with wet plants.

  2. The closer the mixing station is to the material yard and construction site, the better. In terms of cost, the distance from the construction site is best controlled within 30 kilometers. In terms of concrete performance, 50 kilometers is also possible.

dry mix concrete batching plant

  3. The mixing station should be set up near the construction road to make it easy to transport trolleys and dump trucks.

  4. Drainage ditch should be set around the mixing station site to facilitate cleaning of machinery and drainage of sewage. Avoid causing water accumulation on site.

  5. It is necessary to reserve sufficient backstage material loading site. Especially for concrete mixers, the layout should be considered together with sand and gravel storage yard and cement warehouse. They should be close to each other and facilitate the transportation and loading and unloading of materials; in general brick-concrete structures, mortar The amount of mortar is larger than that of concrete, and the location of the mortar mixing station is the main one. In the cast-in-place concrete structure, the amount of concrete is large. The layout should be based on concrete. The area required for the concrete mixing platform is about 25 m’. The area required for the mortar mixing platform is about 15 m.

  For more questions, you should inquire concrete batching plant manufacturers directly.

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