What determines the cement silo number for small concrete batching plant

What determines the cement silo number for concrete batch plant? How many cement silos should be equipped with a small concrete batching plant?

Cement warehouse/silo is used to store the cement and other powder. In fact, the number of cement silo is never fixed. If the concrete plant is far from the cement factory of small concrete mixing plant, high freight costs and long transit time, this time to have sufficient amount of cement powder reserves, need to prepare several cement silo.

Generally speaking, if small concrete batching plant needs several kinds of powder in production, it will need a few cement bins, and then according to the specific circumstances for a certain or several kinds of powder set a few silos.

In order to ensure the profitability and not waste the cost,the allocation of the appropriate cement silo is crucial. If there is any doubt, welcome to consult us(sarah@concretebatchplant24.com) freely..

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