What determines the concrete batch plant price

The concrete batch plant price mainly based on three aspects to determine it:Material weighing system, mixing host, Material conveying system.

Material weighing system is a key component that affects the quality of concrete and the cost of concrete production. It is divided into three parts: aggregate weighing, powder weighing and liquid weighing. Under normal circumstances, less than 20 cubic meters per hour of the mixing station using superimposed weighing method, and more than 50 cubic meters per hour in the mixing station, the use of the material used separately weighing the way, all weighing are used electronic scales And computer control. Aggregate weighing accuracy ≤ 2%, cement, powder, water and admixture weighing accuracy of ≤ 1%.

Material delivery consists of three parts:

First, aggregate transport

Second, powder delivery

Third, the liquid delivery

The mixing host according to its mixing method is divided into forced concrete mixer and self-falling from the mixing. Mandatory mixer is currently used at home and abroad concrete batch plant mainstream, it can stir the flow, semi-dry hard and dry hard and other concrete. Since the fall of the main mixing mixer main flow of concrete, the current concrete batch plant is rarely used.

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