Environmental protection measures of batching plant

Environmental protection measures of batching plant

  1. The measures to prevent noise pollution

(1) Strengthen the dispatch and management of transport vehicles in the project, formulate a strict management system for concrete mixer truck transport in the station, and strengthen the training of drivers.

(2) The batching plant equipment with stable performance, smooth operation and low noise should be selected as far as possible, and the no-load operation of the equipment should be reduced by careful operation.

(3) Major machinery and equipment producing noise should take measures such as shock absorption and noise elimination to eliminate the noise from the sound source, so as to make the impact of noise on the environment conform to the requirements of national standards.

(4) The production area is far away from the office and living area and is separated by green belts, which can ensure that the noise in the office and living area is less than 60 dB (A).

  1. The measures to prevent dust pollution

(1) In the design, concrete mixer plant with good technological performance and sealing performance is selected to make the dust concentration meet the requirements of national standards.

(2) Take necessary ventilation and dust removal measures for dust-producing operation process and equipment.

(3) The arrangement of loading and unloading process equipment makes the material drop as small as possible, so as to reduce the dust production of materials in the process of conveying.

(4) In the actual production operation,the number of material backhaul is minimized and dust is reduced.

(5) Strengthen production management and establish environmental protection awareness. Operators must be trained before taking up their jobs, master normal equipment operation and management skills, and establish strict post responsibility system.

(6) Establish a health management system to ensure clean and hygienic working environment.

  1. Control measures of domestic sewage discharge

The drainage system adopts rain and sewage diversion system. Water-saving equipment and strict water management are adopted to minimize domestic sewage.

Domestic sewage is treated by septic tank and discharged with production wastewater to the wastewater treatment station for biochemical treatment after meeting the standards.

4, greening

Local greening should be carried out around office and living areas and production areas.

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