The feeding method of commercial concrete mixing plant

In general, the standard configuration of the commercial concrete mixing plant with belt materials, for special needs of customers can also be converted into a simple hzs60 concrete batching plant bucket-type feeding, specific feeding methods, according to customer needs to design, belt materials cost high, high efficiency, floor space Large area, and hopper feeding price is relatively low, production efficiency is not high belt material, but the area is very small, both have their own characteristics, specific according to user needs.

As for commercial concrete mixing plant, according to different configurations, the price is also different, high mixing type of HZS60 concrete batching plant price in about 500,000, simple type of HZS60 commercial concrete mixing plant price more than 300,000 can be bought.

Please note it : High deviced hzs60 concrete batching plant adopts belt conveyor feeding, automatic control system; Simple concrete batching plant adopts lifting hopper feeding, using centralized control system.

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