Hoisting hopper feeding in concrete batching plant

What is hoisting hopper feeding in concrete batching plant?

Bucket lifting concrete batching plant has the advantages of small floor area, flexible installation and convenient movement.

In rural areas, small commercial concrete mixing plant are usually used for small-scale production.

The motor of hoisting hopper feeding concrete batching plant has small power, light load, short track, and low requirement for production efficiency. Generally, lifting motor is started directly and controlled by limit switch for lifting and stopping.

HZS25 concrete batching plant, HZS35 concrete batching plant, HZS50 concrete batching plantand HZS75 concrete batching plant are conveyed by hopper feeding mode.

The upper and lower parts of the lift bucket are equipped with emergency stop buttons with keys. If you press the switch, you can’t work without keys. Loose rope switch is not used in many conctete batching plants of lifting bucket type, and this switch has at least safety protection function; the top-flushing protection switch of lifting bucket is also a key safety protection device. It should be used in series with two top-flushing switches, one on one side of the track, which can also play a protective role when the lifting bucket tilts. Thermal protection switch of motor in commercial concrete mixing plant is also indispensable. Especially in field operation, the motor can be better protected in high temperature season.

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