How does the weighing system of silo batching plant work

Now concrete batching plant is used a lot, many people recently consulted about the silo batching plant weighing system of some problems, so today give you a detailed description of how the next weighing system works, your problems can be solved very well, if there are any questions you can contact me directly.

We all know that the five systems of concrete mixing station are mixing system, weighing system, storage system, transportation system and control system. Weighing system is one of the five components of batching plant.

Silo batching plant weighing system can be divided into three parts, aggregate weighing system, powder weighing system and liquid weighing system. Each part is described in detail as follows:

1. Aggregate weighing

At present, the domestic HZS75 concrete batch plant tends to divide aggregate into two groups, that is, setting up two weighing devices for coarse aggregate and fine aggregate respectively. This cumulative weighing method has been widely used.

2. Powder weighing

There are two kinds of powder: cement and powder admixture.

(1) The cumulative weighing method is used to weigh the cement one by one in the same hopper. The structure of the method is simple and the cost is low.

(2) Cumulative weighing method should not be used for powder admixtures in order to avoid chemical changes. Generally, two weighing devices are set up.

3. Liquid weighing

It includes the weighing of water and liquid admixtures. The weighing system device includes a liquid conveying pump, a feeding pipeline, a weighing bucket and a butterfly valve, and also includes a weighing bucket bracket and a weighing bucket restraining device. The anti-swing device is connected at one end to the weighing bucket and at the other end to the weighing bucket bracket to restrain the swing amplitude of the weighing bucket.

When concrete raw materials are put into the weighing container, the quality of raw materials is loaded on the weighing sensor, resulting in micro-elastic deformation of the sensor. The micro elastic deformation changes the resistance value of bridge circuit of weighing sensor, and the current of bridge circuit changes slightly. The changed current is transmitted to the amplifier through the connecting wire, and then amplified by the amplifier, converted into digital signal by the analog-to-digital conversion module, which is read by the controller and displayed on the display screen.

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