How often should the concrete mixing plant be maintained

The normal daily operation of concrete mixing plant is related to the regular maintenance and maintenance of concrete mixing station by operators and managers. How often does the concrete mixing plantbe maintained?

  1. Inspection before each use of concrete mixing plant

Check whether the self-protection device of air compressor in concrete batch plant is reliable and the air pressure is stable; check whether the water pump is sufficient and the pipeline is smooth; whether the opening and closing of hopper door, cement hopper door, intermediate aggregate hopper door and discharge door are flexible and reliable; check whether the connecting bolt of the main mixing machine blade is firm; check whether the electrical device is safe and reliable, and whether the limit switch is operated. Whether the switch is flexible and reliable; check whether there is enough lubricant in the accelerator at each lubrication point.

2.Maintenance after use of each shift

Clean up the accumulated material inside and outside the concrete mixer, and wash it out; fill the lubrication points, especially the seal of the axle end, and do not omit them; drain the liquid in the water purification channel in winter; drain the gas and water in the air compressor cylinder; all switches are in non-working state after shutdown, and cut off the power supply.

3.Weekly inspection and maintenance

Check the condensation of the residual concrete in the mixing tank, if there is condensation, stop the concrete mixing machine to eradicate (attention should be paid to the special care of the power supply), check the clearance between the mixing blade and liner, if not suitable for adjustment; check whether the air passage system is leaking, whether the cylinder is reliable; check the quality of lubricating oil in the reducer and the liquid level height, if necessary, add or replace; check the water supply system. Whether the suction bottom valve is reliable or not; check whether the electrical components are damaged, repair or replace if necessary, check whether the wiring is loose; open the silt, check the sealing condition of the shaft end, and screw in silt after no abnormality.

4.Four-week inspection and maintenance

Check the tension of belt in ready mix concrete plants and make appropriate adjustments; check the wear of blades and lining plates; check whether the connecting bolts of upper and lower racks, silos, large inclined belt conveyors and other components are firm, and whether the foundation is sinking; check whether there are cakes and debris in the equipment of concrete mixing plants screw conveyor, and remove them if there are.

5.Annual inspection, maintenance and overhaul of mini concrete batching plant

When the equipment of concrete batching plant runs for one year, other parts should be inspected, repaired and replaced in an all-round way.

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