How to build groundwork for a stationary concrete batching plant

  The construction of a stationary concrete batching plant generally includes site planning, running procedures, ordering equipment, foundation construction and equipment installation. Among them, the foundation construction should be planned at the same time as the equipment is ordered.

  After determining the type of mixing plant purchased by a customer, concrete batching plant manufacturers will design a reasonable mixing plant according to the site or other requirements and determine its type, direction and other parameters, draw a CAD foundation map based on these data, and then The business or technical personnel of the manufacturer will assist the customer to lay out the line according to the diagram on the planned site. After the line is finished, the line can be excavated and built.

stationary concrete batching plant

  The foundation of a mixing station generally has such a few big laws. Small stationary concrete batching plants have 1.5 meters of outriggers and 3.8 meters of discharge. Large mixing plants generally have a discharge degree of 3.8 meters or 4.2 meters; generally small mixing plants use ground batching machines, and large mixing plants use ground cages or Buried batching machine; the larger the mixing station, the more the foundation is required. In addition, the depth of the foundation will be different for different grounds.

  Since it takes more than ten days from the excavation of the foundation to the solidification and drying of the foundation, the manufacturer’s instructors are usually evacuated when the foundation is excavated, so the project party must be optimistic and ask clearly, especially when the weather is not In a good situation, pay attention to marking on the ground, otherwise it will be troublesome for the technicians to evacuate before digging and washing the line by heavy rain. In addition, it may happen that the line is dug out and the location is not found, so don’t remove all the lines at the beginning, especially the key places such as the main machine, batching machine, belt conveyor, batching machine and other key places. Once there is a problem in a place, you can repeat the proofreading according to the drawing to find out the location.

  After the foundation is completed, the equipment on the ground does not need to be changed significantly. Before the concrete batching plant is installed, ensure that the ground is level, energized, open to traffic, and connected to water.

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