How to choose cement silo for concrete batching plant

Function of a batching plant silo
Cement tanks for concrete mixing plants is a kind of cone-shaped material storage tank, suitable for storing various materials such as grain, cement, fly ash, etc. The tank is equipped with a positioning system that can display the position and weight of the material. Bulk cement conveyors are generally used to feed powder or grain into tanks. Generally speaking, the choice of cement tanks should be determined according to the actual amount of materials required. Generally speaking, there are two ways to discharge the cement tank: one is to link the lower part with the screw conveyor, and the powder is fed into the powder measuring container by the screw conveyor;
The cement tank can replace the civil material tank, which is waterproof, moisture-proof, preventing cement loss and environmental pollution. Smaller area than civil construction tanks, long service life and low cost. The tank top is easy to remove dust. The tank body is made of steel plate with grooved hoop, and the legs are assembled by GB pipe.

concrete batching plant silo

Models of cement silo for concrete batching plant
Cement silo types are distinguished by storage capacity. There are many types, and tanks of 30t, 50t, 80t, and 100t can be used in small, large, barrel and belt type concrete batching plants. There is no specific regulation on which type of cement warehouse is used with that type of concrete mixing station. Users can configure and select according to their own needs.
Based on this, manufacturers usually understand the needs of users in the future and will provide a suitable selection and matching. It is very good to ensure the user’s production, but the user can also make appropriate adjustments based on his own production needs. In order to ensure a more reasonable production, the idea is still to listen to the opinions of experts, to avoid the formation of cement silos is not enough or may be ruined.

How many cement silos do you need
Cement silo for concrete batching plant is an indispensable equipment used to store powder. How many cement silos are generally suitable?

  1. Affected by the distance between the construction site of the cement concrete mixing station and the bulk cement plant, if the distance is close to one, it is not necessary, even if it is not necessary, it is necessary to use more bulk cement bins.
  2. Affected by the use of raw materials at the construction site of the cement concrete mixing station. If the raw materials used in addition to the cement also use fly ash, then even at a short distance from the bulk cement plant, at least two cement silos are required.

Generally speaking, each type of cement concrete mixing station has a standard configuration cement bin. If customers have special needs, we will also increase or decrease the cement bin to meet customer needs.

Purchasing Tips
At present, in a concrete mixing plant, the cement silo is used as a silo for storing cement. Its purchase requires special attention. We must choose a cement silo with good sealing and strong wall thickness.

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