How to choose software for construction concrete batching plant

  From an experienced construction concrete batching plant operator:

  I have been in the concrete industry for many years, and I have run through hundreds of concrete companies all over the country. I have seen countless mixing station ERP software, or single function (that is, simple software developed by delph cs architecture), or the correlation with the mixing station management is not high. Never use the software of local small companies, don’t be fooled. My experience is as below:

  1, A software for concrete batching plant must be of BS architecture, developed with jsp technology (because the ERP system is used by multiple departments across departments, requiring a high corresponding rate)

  2, Your programmer of ERP system must understand fully the management of a construction concrete batching plant. He or she should have some relative management experience or knowledge(in this regard, the gold butler has a mixing station management books, featuring mixing station management consulting services)

construction concrete batching plant

  3, A general company’s ERP, the price is more expensive, the effect is general, and the gold butler is definitely the most cost-effective

  4, ERP must be docked with the mixing station host, and only two or three gold butlers on the market can dock, other companies can not actually dock but not know how much data to lose, how much data and actual consumption Not the same)

  What’s an excellent software for construction concrete batching plant like?

  1. Production, sales, scheduling, procurement, finance, equipment management, raw materials and other multi-sectoral process collaborative work, automatic advancement of work processes, global data sharing (data grading presentation), reducing redundant communication.

  2. Optimize the process, reduce the position setting, and greatly reduce the labor cost; through the early warning system, prevent and control the quality risk and reduce the consumption of raw materials.

  3. Real-time monitoring of production process, strict matching inspection (verification) mechanism, over-limit warning of silo material level, automatic detection of data modification, pre-existing prevention, reminder in case, follow-up afterwards; automatic warning of contract to prevent super-quantity production The financial receivables exceeded the warning and reduced the risk of funds.

  4, powerful data statistics function, production costs and benefits at a glance, (products) to help managers do operational decisions and risk prevention and control.

  5, the system function modules can be used separately, can be compatible with the control system of different manufacturers; B / S architecture makes management simpler, more convenient and more efficient.

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