How to distinguish the quality of concrete batching plants

How to distinguish the quality of concrete batching plants?

1. In the material aspect of concrete batching plants , the thickness of steel plate should be paid special attention to the steel of batching equipment. The material quality is not good. It is easy to cause deformation in the process of using and affect production.

2. Welding process, carefully look at the key parts of the welding, if the welding is not good, it is easy to cause safety accidents, causing great losses to customers.

3. The selection of fittings is one of the main factors affecting the quality of batch plant machine, such as sensors, belts, cylinders, reducers, seals, air compressors and other accessories. It is better to choose well-known brands.

4. The design of concrete mixing station, most customers think that the concrete batching plant is very simple, on the composition of those kinds of equipment. Otherwise, in order to reduce costs, some of the equipment should be removed. Users do not pay attention to the selection of batching plant equipment, and many problems will easily arise in the production process.

5. The control system of commercial concrete mixing plant is the control center of the whole concrete batching plant. If there is a problem, the whole concrete batching plant will stop running. Customers do not know how to repair, and need to be sent by the batching plant manufacturer, which affects the production of customers. So it is very important to choose a good control system for concrete mixing station.

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