How to prevent dust in concrete batch plant

Environmental protection has been paid more and more attention. Dust pollution of concrete batch plant is a problem that can not be ignored in construction engineering. Environmental concrete batching plant is becoming more and more popular.

How to prevent dust in concrete batch plant?

1. Use of closed material yard: most of the construction sites use open-air material yard, and most of the raw materials such as gravel have not been washed, the dust content is very high, in the process of use and transportation is prone to produce a large amount of dust, the dust content in sand is higher; if the closed material yard design can be used, it can effectively reduce the dust emissions of the construction cement batching plant to the surrounding environment.

2. With the design of water spraying and dust-proof of main engine, when the concrete mixing plant feeds, it will produce great dust and impact dust. The traditional dust collector and dust exhaust pipe can not achieve a large amount of dust removal in a short time. At this time, we can solve this problem by spraying water and dust removal. After the nozzle structure is modified, a pressure pump is added to make the water curtain form after the nozzle sprays. To effectively reduce the dust content in the air.

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