How to select the suitable commercial concrete mixing plant

When you need to choose commercial concrete mixing plant, what type and configuration do you choose? Don’t worry when you encounter this problem. Consider both the output and the cost of use.

When we recommend concrete batch plants to customers, we will constantly adjust them according to customers’needs and aim to select the most suitable concrete batching plants for customers.

We all know that the common commercial concrete mixing plant is usually large-scale equipment, because large-scale batching plant equipment has strong load capacity, strong anti-interference ability, and can complete continuous operation tasks. Let’s make a comparative analysis from two aspects.

The common types of commercial concrete mixing plant:

Generally speaking, when we recommend commercial concrete mixing plant to customers, we mainly push HZS90 concrete batching plant and HZS120 belt type concrete batching plant. This is based on feedback from customers. At present, the performance-price ratio of these two modular concrete mixing plant is the highest. In addition, there are hzs180 and hzs240 belt type concrete batching plant. The batch plant below hzs90 are mainly used for commercial purposes, HZS60 concrete mixing plant.

According to production recommendation:

When recommending commercial concrete mixing plant according to production, the most important two parameters are the demand of annual output and the demand of maximum daily output in peak season.

First of all, there are many ways to build a concrete batch plant that can meet the annual output demand, such as wet mix concrete batching plant with an annual output of 500,000 square meters, many of which can be achieved. A HZS180 concrete batching plant has an annual output of about 900,000 square meters, and a hzs120 belt type concrete batching plant has an annual output of about 600,000 square meters, which is more than 500,000 square meters. But in the peak season, when the daily production needs more than 2000 square meters, HZS120 will be difficult to ensure the completion of the task, at this time, we need to use HZS180 concrete batching plant. Therefore, when consulting customers, attention should be paid to the combination of these two parameters to select the batch plant.

According to the cost of use:

In the current batching plant model, the total power of large-scale equipment is higher, and the cost of maintenance and use is higher. At this time, the concrete mixer used in HZS120 concrete batching plant is JS2000, the mixing power is 2*37KW, while the JS3000 mixer used in HZS180 concrete batching plant is 2*55KW. This is only a mixer. If the whole set of equipment is calculated, the power difference will be greater, and large power will be used in off-season. Preparedness will undoubtedly increase production costs.

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