Hzs50 concrete batching plant cement silo number

  How many cement silos should an concrete mixing plant be equipped? As a matter of fact, the concrete batching plant cement silo number is not stable. It’s based on the plant’s capacity and your practical needs. Even small plants might require several silos. The idea that plants of 50m3 and below demand only one cement silo is mistaken. What, then determines how many silos that a plant needs, anyway?

  A cement silo is used to store powder materials of a concrete mixing plant. It’s called a cement silo because if a plant needs only one silo, the silo will store cement, the only indispensable powder material for ready mixed concrete. Generally speaking, the number of cement silos for a commercial concrete batching plant matches that of powder material types. If you will use three kinds of powders, you will need at least 3 silos. Extra silos might be prepared in certain cases to ensure concrete yield. For example, if the site of the mixing station is far from the cement factory and and the transportation period is long, there must be a sufficient amount of cement powder ready in stock. Correspondingly extra cement warehouses need to be prepared.

concrete batching plant cement silo

  Take hzs50 concrete batching plant for example. A standard configuration of a 50m3 concrete plant includes 2 cement silos of 100 ton. However, if you need 3 kinds of powder in your project, three silos must be prepared. If the construction site is far far away, extra silos are necessary. But usually 100 ton silos are enough to deal with distance problem between a 50m3 plant and construction sites it supplies.

  Advantages of concrete batching plant cement silos

  1. It can adapt to complicated climatic conditions such as rain, snow and wind, and has a large storage capacity and a relatively small footprint.

  2. In addition, there are many ways to transport cement tanks. Cement, fly ash and other materials are easy to enter and out of the tank.

  3. Third, modern cement tanks are designed to remove dust, which will not cause pollution to the surrounding environment.

  How to judge the quality of a cement silo

  High-quality cement tanks should meet two requirements:

  1. Good sealing structure and high temperature resistance

  Manufacturers can be required to use sealing strips in the manufacture of cement tanks. After the sealing strips are compacted, the raw materials are driven into the barrel for the first time, and the dust will automatically drill into the small gaps to achieve a perfect self-sealing effect.

  2. Good air tightness and wide use

  Observe whether the manufacturer uses the special equipment of the roll bin to bend and bite to ensure the craft quality of each part of the bin body. Therefore, the cement bin has excellent sealing performance, can store all kinds of ultra-fine powder materials, and can prevent moisture and leakage.

  Haomei’s hzs50 50m3 concrete mixing plant is equipped with 2 cement tanks independently developed and manufactured by our engineers. It has low cost, high performance, light weight, and good materials. There are many specifications and models to choose from. Welcome to contact us!

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