Judging the performance of HZS90 batch plant from specific data

The following is the detailed introduction of our company hzs90 concrete batching plant parameters, the user can understand our factory’s hzs90 batch plant production efficiency refer to the following parameters, and then select the appropriate equipment for yourselves,we specializing in the production of concrete batching plants, there are many kinds of different models, we will give the user details, as much as possible help the user to choose the appropriate batch plant.

The main parameters of 90 cube batch plant: hourly production of 90 cubic concrete, aggregate scale maximum value is 4000kg and the maximum magnitude of cement scale is 1000kg, the largest weighing scales of fly ash value is 400kg and the maximum magnitude of water scale is 300kg, the largest weighing scale liquid additive value is 40kg.

This batch plant need to use two 100t cement silo, the weight of the whole machine is 60 tons, the whole machine installed power of 132 kw, aggregate metering accuracy of plus or minus 2%, and water metering accuracy of plus or minus 1%, cement measuring accuracy is plus or minus 1%, admixture measuring accuracy is plus or minus 1%, discharging height is 3.8 m, increase capacity of 18.5 m, the stirring power of 2 * 22 kw, the machine size is 42 * 18 * 19.4 kg.

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