To judgment the failure of stationary concrete batching plant

As for the administrative staff of concrete mixing plant, if they are experienced staff, they will know that it will occur different faults for batch plant. We must pay attention that some faults may be very serious. These faults of batch plant will have a strong impact on the product function which make the performance index can not meet the specified requirements.

As we have referred many times, stationary concrete batching plant is composed of mixing system, aggregate supply system, measuring system, control system and outside corollary equipment.

HZS stationary concrete batching plant adopts advanced automatic control system. The system is the intelligent control system that is the most advanced and has the most reliable performance, the simplest operation and powerful function in the batching industry at home and abroad at present. The system combines the simulation technique, intelligent control and manual control into one.This location is prone to malfunction and should be noticed.

In addition, the following components are prone to failure.

1. The mixing electric motor of commercial burns out.

2. The shovel arm of compulsory concrete mixer breaks off.

3. The bearing of the main machine of concrete mixing plant breaks down, which can cause the sealing loses efficacy.

4. The gear shaft components in the transmission system of the mixing and the lifting mechanism of commercial concrete mixing plant break down.

5. The belt of the belt conveyor of concrete mixing plant beaks.

6. The breakdown of the steel wire rope of hopper lifting mechanism will cause the card track of hopper and the serious deformation and damage of charging frame.

7. The noise is too loud and the dust concentration is too high.

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