The main structure of concrete batching plant

The main structure of concrete batching plant includes concrete mixing machine and concrete batching machine.
The mixing drum of concrete mixer is running smoothly, there is no loosening phenomenon about the lining board and blade, if it is damaged, replace it in time. When the lining board, blade, scraper, mixing arm wear to a certain extent or can not be adjusted, to timely replacement.
After the running of the stationary concrete batching plant, it is necessary to timely or regularly clean the concrete stained in the concrete mixer, when the concrete on the inner wall of the mixer is more thicker, not only the mixer volume reduced, but also the sticking rate of the concrete will speed up. The feed opening switch will have barriers because of the adhesion of the material, the concrete feed opening will be smaller and smaller because of the water vapor bonding, which will make the feeding difficult, and therefore, it need to be cleaned regularly. The feed line of admixture may be blocked due to precipitation and solidification, it also need to be cleaned regularly.
Before the belt type concrete batching plant equipment operation, the concrete batching machine transmission gear, gear box, chain, etc. should be lubricated according to the provisions. The sound of transmission part is normal, the reducer and bearing are not hot, it doesn’t leak the oil. The triangle conveyor belt elastic is suitable, the central part of transmission chain shall not be more than 20mm. The wire rope has no significant wear, chuck and firmly connected firmly, the surface has grease. The performance of brake and clutch is good, brake pad is worn to a certain extent, which should be replaced.

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