The mandatory batch plant to plastic/dry concrete

The concrete batching plant is an ideal equipment for the production of commodity concrete.

the concrete batching plants principle of work is with cement as cementing material, mixing materials such as sandstone, limestone, coal cinder stirring, finally made into concrete, as the wall materials into construction operation.Since put into use, concrete mixing station construction building materials industry has been playing an important role in our country, of course it is also a concrete mixing station itself depends on the features of superior.

The batching plant mixing system adopts JS series twin-shaft mandatory mixer with good mixing homogeneity, short mixing time, long service time spare parts and easy for client inspecting and maintenance. This concrete mixing plant also adopts new-design of electrical weighing system that includes computer control, digital display, etc. This kind of system also is equipped buffered device and auto-add function when weighing deflection, that will make sure the measurement accurate and timely. Aggregate feeding system adopts big width belt conveyor, is equipped ladder for worker maintenance or service and ideal for the majority of construction unit to produce high-quality concrete.

This batch plant adopts spiral dualaxial mixing console,mixer can not only strong, for the harsh, plasticity and various proportioning of concrete can achieve good mixing effect.And stir well, high efficiency.Concrete mixing station with good environmental protection function, in the process of machine, powder manipulation are carried out within the whole block system, powder tank by adopting the method of high efficiency dust collector/spray mist greatly reduce the dust pollution to the environment,at the same time,concrete mixing station and discharging equipment of pneumatic system adopts muffler device effectively reduces the noise pollution.

HZS series concrete batch plant, which is mandatory, and high-efficient equipment to produce plastic, dry-hard concrete, high production efficiency, and is widely used in large and medium-sized construction, road and bridge engineering, as well as the production of concrete products precast plant.

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