Matters needing attention in ingredien of concrete mixing plant

For the concrete mixing plant, batching is one of the important work, because the batching work directly determines the quality of concrete production in this concrete mixing plant, Matters needing attention in ingredien of concrete mixing plant.

1. pay attention to the calibration of batching units during use. For the same batching machine, different specifications of aggregate, different material door opening have different calibration coefficients. Therefore, when changing the aggregate specifications and adjusting the opening of the material door, it is necessary to re-calibrate the corresponding calibration coefficient of the batching machine. Especially in the beginning of the use, more attention should be paid to the calibration of batching machine.

2. the batching unit of batching plant should keep the consistency of aggregate specifications in various batching machines. The stack management should be strictly strengthened to prevent mixing. At the same time, the loader should be carefully operated to prevent mixing.

3. Before starting the concrete mixing plant, press the “start-up warning” button to warn. After the outdoor electric bell rings several times, and make sure there is no danger when the machine is turned on again, or through the loudspeaker to warn. In normal production, emergency can be warned in this way.

4. The mixing ratio and moisture content of stabilized soil mixture can be determined by sampling analysis, and then the mixing machines and water supply flow can be adjusted accurately according to the analysis results.

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