Method of pollution control in concrete mixing station

Cement raw materials, such as cement, fly ash and so on is the main raw materials for processing concrete mixing stations. At the same time, there will be a certain amount of noise pollution. How can the concrete mixing station deal with pollution?

1, dust removal device: dust is an important pollutant in the production process of concrete mixing station, and dust is an important reason for fog and haze. Generally, the top of the cement bin is equipped with a dust collector.

2. Silencer: noise pollution is also an important pollution of concrete mixing plant. In order to reduce the noise in the Department of orthopedics, the batch plant is usually lined with a double-layer structure or sound absorbing material on the outer wall of the mixing building in the hopper and the grooves.

3, wastewater treatment and aggregate recovery device: a stick concrete mixing station has set up wastewater treatment and Department of orthopedics recovery equipment to solve the problems of cleaning and drainage of concrete mixer truck. The concrete mixing station waste water treatment and aggregate recovery device are arranged in various ways, specifically combined with the production site.

In the process of production, concrete mixing plant must treat pollution from the above three aspects, so that it can be called environment-friendly concrete mixing station.

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