Mini mobile concrete batching plant for sale

  A concrete batching plant is mainly composed of batching machine, main machine, cement silo, spiral, belt conveyor, control system and so on. The mobile type is ground-free and is placed directly on the ground. Generally, there is no cement silo, which can be replaced by a back tanker. A large or mini mobile concrete batching plant for sale is more expensive than a stationary one of the same capacity. The specific price depends on the specific model and the specific manufacturer. The mobile concrete batching plant model currently ranges from YHZS25 to YHZS120. To understand how much a mobile plant needs, first we need to determine the model of the plant, because the price of different types of mobile mixing stations varies greatly, users can choose according to their own needs.

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  The capacity of a mini concrete batching plant for sale is 25 or 35 cubic meters per hour. It is best to choose a whole set of plant according to the standard set given by the manufacturer, because the mixers or batching machines produced by different manufacturers may be the model of the mixing station. It’s not so matched, so avoiding the hassle, it’s best to buy a whole set at a time, which is not only more cost-effective, but also ensures efficient production of the entire mini mobile concrete batching plant.

  The mobile concrete batching plant model is relatively small compared to the commercial concrete mixing plant, but its production standard is the same as that of the commercial concrete mixing station, which can achieve the production of high-grade concrete. It can be improved because it adopts the automatic control system with storage function. Work efficiency and easy to query the daily record of the material. At the same time, due to the movable characteristics of the equipment, it can be moved to other places soon after the completion of the production and construction project. It not only reduces the transportation cost of finished products, but also enables on-site construction in time. It is a good on-site mixing equipment at this stage. Because of its mobile characteristics, it also reduces site construction investment, reduces costs, and increases production profit. In fact, it is worth promoting.

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