Is the mixing host of batch plant needed to be cleaned

Is the mixing host of batch plant needed to be cleaned? The answer is yes.

Concrete mixer can be called the heart of the concrete batching plants for the use of batch plant and cleaning should follow certain industry standards.

Key points and specifications for cleaning of cement mixers in concrete mixing plant:

In order to achieve the expected concrete output per unit time, the host mixing must be selected well. The use of concrete mixer directly affects the quality of concrete production. Therefore, the daily work of batching plant is very important, and the use of concrete mixer must be cleaned.

The cleaning matters of concrete mixers:

1. It is forbidden to remove the concrete accumulated in the concrete mixer barrel by hammering, but only by chisel.

2. The concrete mixing plant will be cleaned by pouring water and stones into the mixing drum for 10-15 minutes after the stoppage, and then the water and stones will be cleared out. When cleaning, remove power.

3. Cleaning should be carried out regularly. Maintenance and maintenance operations, such as cleaning, lubrication and refueling, should be carried out regularly.

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