The models and specifications instruction of concrete batching plants

Different models of concrete batching plants produced different finished products, different production, the necessary equipment is also different, of course, the concrete batching plant price is different. Professional concrete mixing plant mainly deviced by the mixing host, material weighing system, material handling systems, material storage systems and control systems and other 5 major systems and other ancillary facilities.

1. The concrete label performance of the construction;In order to choose what kind of concrete mixing with the host.Such as water conservancy project must choose forced concrete mixer.Additional, we still should according to the mixing concrete material type selecting ingredients station and storage bin.

2. Construction time limit for a project and volume concrete task;With the two parameters to decide how to use the specification of mixing plant.Transportation vehicle volume is also decided to main types of important basis.

3. Construction environment and object; When choosing to buy batching plant, the influence of construction object and construction environment shall be fully taken into account so as to ensure smooth construction and construction quality.

4. The quality of the operator; In general, the structure of a small concrete batching plant is simpler and the control system is simpler. The larger concrete batching plant has a complicated structure and a high degree of automation, so the operator requirements are also high.

5. Preparation options; In general, the batching plant manufacturer has a mature product preparation, such as specifications, quantity, variety and so on. You can make your special request when ordering the product. In addition to the purchase of products in addition to refer to the price of different manufacturers, but also pay special attention to the preparation of different manufacturers list. In addition to the above specifications, variety and quantity, the most important is the accessory parts batching plant manufacturer.

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