How much is the HZS60 concrete mixing plant

The price of HZS60 concrete mixing plant price is related to its configuration. The manufacturer of the batch plant gives a detailed list of configuration, and we can compare the inquiries to different manufacturers according to the configuration.

1, aggregate supply system: the general use of PLD2400 concrete batching machine, aggregate storehouse, open door, aggregate weighing system, aggregate delivery system, aggregate lifting system, aggregate excess storage system;

2, cement supply system: 100 tons of cement bin two, screw conveyor, cement weighing bucket, cement weighing device;

3, admixture supply system: screw conveyor, admixture weighing bucket, admixture weighing device;

4, the water supply system: water weighing box, supply pump, pressurized water pump, water weighing device, sprinkler;

5, additive supply system: additive weighing box, supply pump, pressurized water pump, additive weighing device;

6, mixing system: motor, reducer, JS1000 double horizontal shaft forced mixer.

7, control system: air conditioning control room, industrial microcomputer, control cabinet, display instrument, switchboard, operation table.

We are professional batching plant manufacturer with more than 25 years experiences.Here is the quotation for concrete batching plant, you can refer to: generally, the standard type of HZS60 concrete mixing plant market price between 50-65w, simple type HZS60 concrete mixing plant configuration is more simple than the standard type, the concrete mixing plant price is about 33W.

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