Pay Attention To Concrete Batch Plant After-sales Service

Customer’s concrete batch plant after-sales service quality is guaranteed, on the one hand to protect the rights of customers, so that customers later use more at ease;On the other hand, batching plant manufacturers to ensure the quality of the service also contributed to the customer further cooperation.

Concrete batch plant manufacturers tell you that when the machine is delivered, make sure to received four documents:

1, technical maintenance manual

2, installation of the total map

3, purchased parts manual and manufacturer

4, provide spare parts, spare parts list, and comes with a certain amount of spare parts

There is a little point easy to be ignored by the customer: the batching plant manufacturer will be free of charge during the warranty period and the replacement of quality damage caused by parts and components, warranty parts and components outside the damage, the provision of accessories only cost, by the demand side caused by human factors Equipment damage, supplier maintenance or supply of accessories are based on cost.

Our company are one of leading construction machinery manufacturer in China, we has dedicated in construction machine export more than 20 years,the warranty period of our concrete batch plant is one year,and we have a professional after-sale service team to promptly and solve your problems.

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