Preparations for start a batching plant business in construction

The sand, stone storage area of start a batching plant should be large enough to meet the project consumption required and can facilitate the preparation of feed to make up; gravel packing, to prevent the formation of concrete mixed with grade banned; equipped with the car feed and The sand and stones should be separated and packed regularly; the place should be hardened to facilitate the loading of loading vehicles and avoid the dirt and other debris entering the material.

Second, the forced concrete mixer and feed ingredients system should be based on the project duration, total station, usually the amount of batching plant equipment to meet the maximum daily dosage is appropriate; a concrete mixer and the related into the system for a production line ; Usually only one project can be a production line, the larger and the main project should be set up two production lines, placed side by side to ensure uninterrupted supply of concrete batch plant for the project.

Again, to start a batching plant business with 1-2 pools, to be able to ensure mixing machinery required for cleaning. A production line with at least two suitable cement silos, the best for the three, take turns to make up in time, the need to meet the concrete production without cement backlog. Large volume and pumping concrete usually need to mix fly ash and admixture, according to the site conditions placed separately to facilitate the use of appropriate.

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