The process flow of small concrete batch plant

Small concrete batch plant is widely used in civil construction, the road construction, Bridges and other construction.Cover an area of an area small, with easy operation, low cost advantages.

1,Loading and unloading sand and gravel material from the manual feeding, small bucket picking; water pump from the mixer pumped the top of the water tank, manual operation of the water; cement by the artificial unpacking directly poured into the mixer hopper.

2, Weighing gravel, respectively, manually push the car to weigh the pounds; cement measured by 50 Hong per pack; water from the tank scale quantitative. Weighing error: 2% of cement, sand, stone 3%, 2% of water admixture.

3,Dump people aggregate sand and cement mixer hopper, composed of mixer lifting device will send machine, at the same time push the lock into the water.

4, simple concrete batch plant with self-falling cement mixer or cone-shaped material out of the mixer is usually stirred for about 2min, until the concrete mixture mixing evenly, you can discharge.

5, with the cement mixer on the material out of the chute into the machine within the clinker or reverse the cone mixer out of the material, slippery transport car, sent to the site pouring site.

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