The quote of HZS60 concrete batching plant in details

HZS60 concrete batching plant is a small and medium-sized commercial concrete mixing plant, suitable for road, bridge, hydropower and other large-scale projects and precast components, commercial concrete production.

The concrete mixing plant adopts combination structure and modular unit. It is very convenient to install and move. The main mixing machine and aggregate lifting adopt JS1000 double horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer. The mixing quality is good and the efficiency is high. The PLD1600 proportioning machine is accurate and efficient in aggregate proportioning. The powder is weighed by electronic scales with high accuracy. Water flow measurement is simple and practical with high accuracy. The power of the whole machine is 170kw, the height of unloading is 3.8m, and the whole station of 60 mixing station is characterized by reasonable structure, excellent performance, reliable operation, convenient operation and accurate measurement. It is the most ideal equipment for various construction sites and small and medium-sized commercial concrete enterprises.

A set of HZS60 concrete batching plant quotation, mainly related to batch plant configuration and performance quality, because different customers on the HZS60 concrete batching plant specific needs are different, so the configuration is different. Of course, the specific concrete batching plant quotation is also different. In short, remember the reason for a price a piece of goods can be, big. The HZS60 concrete batching plant manufactured by the manufacturer has excellent performance, good quality, of course, the price is higher, and the steel quality and fittings quality of the equipment manufactured by some small manufacturers are not up to the standard, the price will certainly be lower.

Therefore, a set of HZS60 concrete batching plant quote in details mainly depends on different configurations and manufacturers, the higher the configuration, the better the quality, the higher the price; the lower the configuration, the lower the quality, the lower the price will be, so, the majority of users in the purchase, must not only look at the price, equipment configuration and quality is the measure of your choice. The primary criteria for purchasing batch plants.

Price of 60 HZS60 concrete batching plant quotations from about 300000 to 500 thousand, different configurations are different.You also can contact us() directly.

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