Ready-mixed concrete batching plant process

  The concrete batching plant process varies from type to type of the plant. Most plants in service are intermittent ready-mixed concrete batching plants the process of which roughly consists of three steps: batching and weighing of raw materials whose overall volume is no larger than the capacity of the plant’s mixer, feeding of these materials into the mixer and mixing until ready-mixed concrete is ready for delivery.

  In detail, the process is as below.

  1. After the plant is started, each type of raw materials shall start the uniform batching process in the order of its distance from the concrete mixer inlet and arrive at the mixing port at the same time.

  2. Each material shall enter the anti mixer inlet evenly in proportion.

  3. When the mixer rotates and resists mixing, the materials shall be pushed forward from the inlet to the anti mixing/pushing to the outlet to become the finished product.

  4. After the production reaches the preset volume, the materials stop in the order of distance from the mixer inlet.

  5. From the start-up to the end of production, batching, mixing/pushing and discharging are carried out continuously

ready-mixed concrete batching plant

  Features of an intermittent ready-mixed concrete batching plant

  1) The concrete mixer works stably, for raw materials enter the mixer evenly in a relatively long period of time, and no there is no sudden feeding process.

  2) Stable delivery of concrete. The concrete will be evenly delivered in a long period of time, and there will be no intermittent and sudden unloading process.

  3) Less space occupation: the large finished product hopper and aggregate storage hopper are reduced, with low height and small area of ancient land.

  4) Low wear resistance of parts of the concrete mixing plant: stable mixing without impact, and less mixing volume at the same time.

  5) Low energy consumption: The motor power is small, and a small amount of raw materials evenly enter the mixer, which makes it easier to mix them up efficiently.

  6) Low cost of use and maintenance: few structural links, short belt and stable operation.

  Questions about concrete batching plant process and configuration

  1. Is a forklift necessary for an hzs25 mini concrete batching plant?

  Yes, and all plants should be equipped with forklifts regardless of their capacity.

  2. What models of screw conveyor pumps should be used for an hzs120 concrete batching plant?

  Usually there are two models under selection: LSY325*9m, and LSY273*9m.

  3. How many concrete mixer trucks should be prepared for an hzs50 concrete mixing plant?

  Usually 4 trucks, based on the distance between construction and concrete production sites.

  4. How many hoppers are needed for the batching machine a mini concrete mixing plant?

  The number of hoppers has nothing to do with the capacity of a plant, but with types of raw material the plant needs. Generally a three-hopper batching machine is enough for a small plant.

  5. What’s the capacity of cement silos for an hzs120 commercial concrete batching plant?

  Standard ones are 100-ton, but there are larger ones like 150t, 200t and 300t if you need.

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