Ready-mixed concrete mixing plant with superior agitation performance

Ready-mixed concrete mixing plant with superior agitation performance,The mixing machine adopts the double horizontal axis force, which has the characteristics of short stirring time, quick discharge, uniform mixing and high productivity, and can achieve good mixing effect for dry, plastic and various concrete. The wear-resistant material of concrete mixer lining plate and mixing blade is specially treated, especially the shaft end support and sealing type greatly improve the service life of the main engine. Fully enclosed and air-conditioned control rooms have greatly improved the comfort of operators and reduced the labor intensity of operators. This concrete mixing plant adopts advanced and reliable electrical control system.

Concrete batching plants often chooses the main machine with a forced double horizontal shaft concrete mixer which can produce various kinds of concrete, such as plasticity and dry hardness, and the quality is reliable. The aggregate is weighed by electronic weighing or single measurement. The cement, water and additives all use weighing hopper, accurate measurement and centralized computer control. The operation is simple, easy to adjust and reliable. The aggregate uses bucket lifting or belt conveying two feeding modes. The electrical components are reliable in performance and high in production power, and are suitable for mass concrete production on site.

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