Regular maintenance of cement silo in batch plant

Cement silo regular maintenance, concrete batching plant can be used more durable.This is because the cement silo is used in the bulk cement storage of the batch plant. It is suitable for storing all kinds of bulk materials such as grain, cement and fly ash. It is very important in the batching plant.

1. the structure of the cement silo is painted with paint, and the ventilation between the attention stores is made.

2. the correct use of dust removal equipment in cement silo is very important, because it is related to the capacity and discharge rate of cement bin.

3. the importance of the broken arch device in cement bunker: the cement bin has been used for a long time, and the dust in it will solidify for various reasons. How do you use it correctly?

It is necessary to check regularly the pipeline of the broken arch device and whether the connection is loose or leaking.

Regularly check whether the start-up elements of the broken arch device in the cement tank are flexible and whether they work normally.

Check regularly whether there is any damage to the structure of the broken arch device in the cement tank.

It is often checked whether the welding place of the hanging wall of the broken arch device, the welding place of the supporting device is firm, the bolt is loose, and the piston of the broken arch device should be often taken down to clean up.

To ensure that the broken arch device is clean, there should not be too much dust.

Check the lines of broken arches regularly, and solve them if problems are found.

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