Truck mounted concrete batching plant 35m3 to 120m3

  A truck mounted concrete batching plant is also known as a drum mobile concrete batching plant. It is equipped with an aggregate batching device and a belt conveyor for conveying sand and stone aggregates. On the aggregate storage frame there are the head and bracket of the belt conveyor, and the aggregate pre-feeding hopper (to store the mixed and weighed aggregate). They will discharge the weighed aggregate according to the proportion to the concrete mixer. A drum concrete mixer is installed on the mixer platform, and various metering devices are installed on the top of the mixer. The amounts of cement, water, plasticizer, etc. are weighed according to the proportions. After the weighing is completed, they are discharged into the mixer and weighed together. The aggregates are mixed together, and the evenly mixed concrete can be directly discharged to a concrete mixer truck for transportation.

  The capacity of a truck mounted concrete batching plant ranges between 35m3 and 120m3. Such a plant is applied in projects of mobile construction of highways, railways, bridges, ports, hydropower etc. High degree of automation and high production efficiency make concrete production easy and efficient. The plant boasts high mixing quality and short cycle time. It is an indispensable mechanical equipment in road construction. The triple superiority makes it irreplaceable in bridge construction. Convenient operation and stable operation make water conservancy construction more convenient. The plant is so convenient and stable in operation that it’s especially suitable for construction of port and wharf facilities.

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