Two working style of concrete mixing plant

Concrete mixing plant has gradually become a very frequently used construction machinery. The concrete mixing plant we produce adopts the cyclic operation mode, which has the characteristics of automatic compensation function, high measurement accuracy, good mixing quality, reducing waste generation and cost reduction. But there is another way of working for the concrete batching plant. Let’s compare it with each other.

Concrete mixing station has the advantages of electronic weighing, computer control and other automation systems. Its high production efficiency and easy operation are also one of the reasons why it is popular.

There are two kinds of operation modes style of modular concrete mixing plant: cyclic operation mode and continuous operation mode.

1. Circulating concrete mixing plant will feed, mix and unload three processes according to a certain period of time interval, that is, mixing by parts. Because all kinds of raw materials are weighed accurately and the error is low, the mixing quality is good. At present, most adopt this type of operation.

2. Continuous operation mini concrete batching plant will supply, mix and unload three processes in a long cylinder continuously. Although its productivity is higher than that of the circulating operation, the mixing quality is poor due to the difficulty in controlling the mixing ratio and mixing time of various materials, and this method is seldom used in the batch plant at present.

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