The type of screw conveyor used in concrete batch plant

Different types of concrete batch plant screw conveyor type is different let the batching plant manufacturers introduce the different types of concrete batching plant common configuration of the screw conveyor . Of course this is not fixed, but also according to the actual situation to design.

1. HZS25 c using conveyor type is for 6 m ø 219 mm long, need the number 2.

2. HZS35 concrete batching plant is also used in the two 219 mm ø 6 meters screw machine.

3. HZS50 concrete batching plant used in 3 of 6 m ø 219 mm screw conveyor.

4.HZS60 concrete batching plant using 3 sets of screw conveyor 8 meters is 219mm .

5. HZS75 concrete batch plant used in 8 m ø 219 mm long screw machine, 8 m ø 2 sets of 273 mm.

6. HZS90 concrete batching plant in 8 m ø 273 mm3 screw machines, 8 m ø 1 of 219 mm.

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