Understanding the illegal operation of concrete mixing equipment

Perhaps you are a skilled and experienced concrete mixing equipment operator, or you have just received professional training from batching plant manufacturers, in any case, for yourself own safety, some irregular operation of concrete mixing station are recommended that you understand, especially for those who are not skilled in operation, it is also responsible for their own safety.

1. When purchasing the equipment of concrete production plant, the newly purchased mixing machine can not run at full load immediately before starting to use, otherwise the service life will be significantly reduced.

2. Attention should be paid to the fact that the belt conveyor can not start with load.

3. When producing concrete, do not use unregulated aggregates. Using unregulated aggregates to produce concrete will cause damage to equipment. The maximum particle diameter of aggregates is 80 mm.

4. The industrial computer of concrete plants inc can not be connected to the internet, and can be used as office computer, entertainment, games, etc.

5. Don’t start the belt and concrete mixer when the batching plant equipment is repaired.

6. When operating the equipment of concrete mixing equipment, we should also pay attention not to start the equipment of concrete mixing station to produce concrete in thunderstorm weather. We should shut down the system and cut off the power supply.

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