Use and selection of concrete mixing station

According to the needs of customers, concrete mixing station can be divided into commercial concrete mixing plant and engineering concrete batching plant.

As for engineering concrete batching plant,we recommend simple concrete mixing plant or mobile batching plant. Many small projects use large quantities of concrete, and self built concrete mixing stations can make their engineering construction more flexible. Moreover, the simple concrete mixing plant or the mobile batching plant has small land occupation, easy to move, special and easy to disassemble, so that the customers can be used many times and save the cost. Therefore, engineering concrete batching plant can choose this batching plant.

For many large projects, such as water conservancy projects, high-speed rail projects which have begun to use commercial concrete. We mainly invest in their own situation, if the customers let us make suggestions, we are more inclined to establish two sets of commercial concrete mixing plant for the conditional customers. Because the commercial concrete mixing plant has a distinctive feature of light season, the best way to solve this problem is to invest directly in two concrete mixing stations. When the season is weak, only a batch plant is opened to reduce the actual production cost.

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